Human Anatomy

Comprehensive coloured illustrations of the different organs, tissues and structures organised into groups of general function and or purpose.  Top left provides the cardio-respiratory system, top right the digestive system and associated vasculature, bottom left the nervous system, focussing on the network and organisation, and the bottom right shows the sensory structures of the peripheral nervous system.

Amphibian Circulatory System

A typical circulatory system of the class Amphibia.  Note the three chambered heart (most visible in 4) where oxygenated blood (from capillaries in gills, lungs and/or skin) and de-oxygenated blood from systemic tissues mix in the ventricle before returning to both sets of tissues via a fork in the aorta.  The heart is shown in two views looking both at the ventral (2) and dorsal (3) surfaces.