McGregor Museum: The Site

The McGregor Museum is housed in the Old Biology Building on the City Campus of the University of Auckland. This museum was named for Prof. W.R. McGregor, the Zoology professor who collected the bulk of the material for use in the teaching of biology and zoology classes at the university.

This web-site is forever growing as more of the collection becomes digitised. It has been prepared to share some of the resources that are available in the McGregor Museum with fellow staff at the University of Auckland and the wider educational community. We encourage the use of these images for educational use in both university and school settings, wherever in the world that you are. Museums need to be seen and appreciated and we feel a “living museum” needs to be widely used, which is made easier through sharing content via the internet.

Thanks to a University of Auckland Teaching Improvement Grant (to Amanda Harper, Brendon Dunphy, David Seldon and Mary Sewell) for the set-up and initial content of this web site. Web site design and construction is thanks to Simon Collings, Elliot Brown and Caroline Aspden (School of Biological Sciences, UoA). Colour photographs and movie clips of museum specimens are credited to Tim Page (Faculty of Arts, UoA), Black and white historic images are from Archives (School of Biological Sciences, UoA), audio commentary of museum specimens is by Joan Robb with help from Lindsay Baragwanath, Panoramas of the McGregor rooms are thanks to Brian Donovan (Centre for Academic Development, UoA), and all teaching charts were scanned by Igor Drecki (School of Environment, UoA).

Visits to the McGregor Museum can be arranged by appointment through the Curator, Dr. Mary A. Sewell (