Botany Charts

The Botanical wall chart collection here at the McGregor Museum, unlike the zoology collection, come from a range of series and authors. The most common in the collection are the series Botanische Wandtafeln published by the Paul Parey publishing house in Berlin which over the production of the series accumulated the names Weigandt and Hempel. The vast majority of these works were lead authored by Carl Ignaz Leopold Kny (signed L. Kny), a German Botanist, between 1874 and 1911. There are many contributing authors to this series as Leopold Kny was primarily a morphologist for fungi, algae, mosses and ferns.


The next biggest series making up this collection are those of the Dodel-Port Atlas. The Dodel-Port Atlas images were drawn and collated by the husband and wife team of Arnold and Carolina Dodel-Port. Arnold Dodel-Port was a Swiss botanist who began composing and accumulating these images in 1878 in collaboration with his wife amongst others.


Other pieces in the collection come from Tabulae Botanicae, published by Gebruder Borntraeger in Berlin, and a range of hand drawn pieces that are not traceable back to any authors but are assumed to have been produced by people here at the Univerisity of Auckland.