Zoological Charts

Most of the Zoological wall chart collection here at the McGregor Museum is comprised of those authored by Karl Georg Friedrich Rudolf Leuckart.  A prominent zoologist of his time Leuckart made a name for himself through the study of North Sea invertebrates where he developed the groups coelenterata and echinodermata, the latter still in use today.  His primary interest became vertebrate parasitology which is the field he became a prominent academic in.  His studies in parasitology are best known for the break throughs in identifying worms that specifically infested cattle, pigs, sheep and humans.  These findings ultimately led to the formation of Germany’s first meat inspectory board.  Leuckart’s wall charts are collections of both his own drawings and his those working with him and were accumulated throughout the length of his career.

Many of the teaching wall charts have also been hand drawn by various authors presumably from here at the University of Auckland, the most predominant of which signed their name qvp.  There are also some paleontological charts by the geologist/paleontologist Karl Alfred Ritter von Zittel drawn and published in a similar style to those of Rudolf leuckart’s.

These charts all date back to the late 1800’s and as such some are quite delicate and brittle.  They are printed/drawn on paper and many have been mounted on linen in a similar fashion to old navigation charts and maps.  To digitise this collection individual images were retrieved from a map scanner and were touched up in image editing software to increase contrast and remove some background discolouration.  The files here on this site are .jpg images (approximately 2MB each) and can be viewed by clicking on the image itself or saved by right-clicking and selecting ‘save image as’.  Should you require higher resolution images please contact the site administrator with the individual post’s title and the image’s heading(s).