Orb Weaver Spider

Anatomy of the orb-weaver spiders where structures of the open circulatory system are in red, alimentary canal in yellow, silk glands in light blue and poison glands in aqua green. The entire animal, longitudinal section is of a female (1) showing the ovary (Ov).  The male testes (T) and vas deferens (V.df) are pictured dissected out (14).  Note the pocketing of the alimentary canal creating the digestive diverticular (Cl1,2,3,4) viewed laterally (1) and dorsally (11).  Other diagrams show various anterior appendages including pinching chelicera (2), pedipalps (3) and various fang shapes (8, 9 & 10).  Other structures represented are the eyes (5), silk glands (6), book lung (12) and developmental stages (15 & 16).